Startup Weekend Austin Wrap Up


This last weekend we hosted the very first Austin Startup Weekend and had about 55 attendees show up from all over the country (Boston, DC, Houston, San Antonio) and even Monterrey Mexico!

A big thanks goes out to Capital Factory for putting together a great panel of judges for the Sunday Night Pitches.

The top three teams from the weekend were: One Event At a time (think Stumbleupon + Pandora for events in your area) ProdWar is the fun way to get product advice from your friends when you’re trying to make purchases. We’ll help you find the products you’re interested in via and easily set up your ProdWar. We’ll integrate with your Facebook stream so that any comments your friends leave about the products you’re interested in are all aggregated in one place. Crowd Crop turns customers into capital. Launch your technology startup idea with funding and validation from actual pre-paying customers, while retaining 100% equity control. Customers vote with their dollars to foster the startup ideas they love, crave, or need. was the big winner taking home the grand prize of a full incorporation package, including filing fees from and a Venture Forth Program from, along with lots of other great prizes!

Thanks to Josh Sheehan from Twilio for video interviewing most of the teams:  Check them out!

Thanks to Joshua Baer for recording the Sunday night presentations.

Some picture from the weekend:

Can’t wait to be back in Austin next year!