Agenda and More!


Startup Weekend Austin takes place at CoSpace located at 911 W Anderson Lane, Suite 203 Austin, Texas 78757.
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What You Should Bring:

  • Laptop
  • Power cord
  • Good attitude
  • Business cards
  • Camera
  • Creative energy
  • Anything else you want to bring to launch a cool startup.

First timer?

And here’s an outline of the amazing weekend ahead: (please keep in mind this is a tentative schedule and events, activities, and anything else may/can/will change)

Friday, Sept. 10

5:30pm Doors open. Pizza, Beer and Networking

7:00pm Official kick-off

  • Sponsor thank you and recognition
  • Explain pitching/voting process
  • Explain how to pitch effectively
  • Speaker: Ryan Roberts

8:00pm Pitches begin

  • Keep pitches simple and to the point
  • Identify what talent you need to complete the venture
  • Pinpoint what you hope to accomplish over the weekend (get as close to a working demo or prototype on Sunday as possible; scope of the idea needs to fall into a weekend time frame)
  • 60-second pitches (hard stop) and you can pitch multiple times

9:00pm Pitches End

  • More time for networking and discussion on ideas pitched
  • Teams start to loosely form

10:00pm Voting

  • Vote for top pitch ideas to from teams around
  • Teams Solidify

**It is important to note that the voting is not an exclusive process.  If there are ideas that don’t make the vote but still want to be worked on by a group that is totally fine.  We just narrow things down to make group formation a little bit easier than self selection between 50+ ideas.
11:00pm Everyone knows what team they are on–no stragglers!  Call it a night or break off to a bar/hotel/cafe to continue the discussion and attempt to paper prototype out their application.

Saturday, Sept. 11

9:00am Arrive at CoSpace.  Breakfast & Coffee

10:00am By now teams should have Prototype(s) sketched out, teams decide on working title, technical plans in process. Start getting servers live, buying domains, creating user flows, etc.

11am Team updates – send team logos and business descriptions to organizer to post on website.

Noon:  Lunch

12:30pm Prototyping

2:00pm More coding, business plan development

6:00pm Dinner & Speaker (Gary Hoover)

……Work as late as you want

Sunday, Sept. 12

9:00am Arrive at CoSpace.  Breakfast & Coffee

10:00am Teams should have a live splash page up with an email capture and a simple blog

Noon: Lunch

2:00pm More prototyping and presentation/demo prep

5:00pm Dinner and Demos begin

Here is our awesome panel you will be demoing too:

7:00pm:   Startup Weekend Austin is a wrap!

**Remember: This is a startup atmosphere. Just because a team forms Friday night around an idea doesn’t mean that team is intact Sunday or that the idea that was pitched is the business.  Teams can form, break apart… rogue teams can mobilize. We’re just looking for great things Sunday!

If you have questions about the schedule or anything else, please send an e-mail to joey [at] startupweekend [dot] org.