Announcing Startup Weekend Austin


There must be something in the breakfast tacos.

Even though Austin is known as a mecca of technology, there have been some notable events missing from the Silicon Hills’ repertoire—until this year. The SXSW conference always brings the city an influx of visitors, but something about 2010 has instigated groups to organize the first Ignite Austin and two TEDx events, in addition to the many great BarCamps, Social Media Breakfasts, Twestivals and tweetups we’ve been hosting around town. After almost three years since Andrew Hyde first held the first Startup Weekend in Boulder, CO, we can finally add a Startup Weekend Austin to that list.

Austin Skyline

We’re happy to announce, after some weeks of preparations, that the first Startup Weekend Austin will be held on April 30-May 2, 2010. While we’re still seeking a venue (ask any organizer and they’ll tell you it’s one of the hardest parts of hosting an event), we’ve secured Gary Hoover, founder of Bookstop and Hoovers, on the Sunday of the weekend-long event.

You might have a lot of questions, but there’s lots of time to get ready before May. Many of those questions can be answered by browsing the Austin site. But while it’s fun to poke around online, in order to kick things off as soon as we can in person (and hopefully to give us a chance to answer those burning questions), we’ll be having a happy hour at The Belmont next Friday, February 12 (add yourself to the Facebook event here). Come on down with your questions and meet fellow Startup Weekend Austin participants—and start brainstorming, plotting and planning some ideas for the three-day event. If you can’t make it, never fear, well be having a few more of these events before April 30, so make sure to add yourself as a fan of Startup Weekend Austin on Facebook and follow @SW_Austin on Twitter, as well as the co-organizers @cesart and @chicotsky.

If you’ve never been to a Startup Weekend event before or would like to know what to expect, check out this first timer’s guide. If you’re already a pro or you’ve been waiting until this finally hit Austin, buy your ticket now. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring, please get a hold of us either via Twitter or by visiting our contact page.

We’re really excited to be putting this together for the Austin and surrounding entrepreneurial and startup communities and we look forward to a great event. Hope to see you there!

Cesar Torres (Founder, Conjunctured), Brandon Chicotsky (Founder, Texas Ventures) and the rest of the Startup Weekend crew